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Whole Hearts Matter accepts many types of donations!

Financial Donations are very welcome and much appreciated as they support our initiative and help us grow. By sending a financial donation, You are helping not only Whole Hearts Matter and a wider community, but also Yourself by valuing the time you dedicate towards your Mental/Emotional Well-Being.

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What is more, by supporting Whole Hearts Matter, you can also support small/local businesses. A lot of people lost their livelihoods as they had to shut down their stores in the recent years. It is our nature to help, support and show up for those in need, in any and many ways. Therefore, You are welcome to donate gift cards, clothing, toys, toiletries, baby items, etc that can be distributed and shared.

Some ideas to support local food stores:

The Wandering Market

SaskMade Market Place

The Little Market Box

Pig and Pantry

Thank You

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