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"Dominika you have helped me through some very troubling times during the last stretch of my academic journey with the Mental Health & Wellness Diploma program. You have listened to me attentively and without judgement, as well as guided me to see things from a different perspective. This has helped me in my healing journey and through life's hurdles. The way you pay attention and provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere has allowed me to be vulnerable and safe to talk about what has been troubling me. You are a great counselor and I have learned a lot from you in such little time, which I know will help me in the field of becoming a counselor myself." - M.Y, Female

"Meeting Dominika in such a tough time in my life was something I was hesitant to do but so glad that I did. She made me feel like an equal and not "just another client". With the support and advice she provided it has helped me see past so many walls and roadblocks that I was stuck at. Dominika has given me faith that there's good and genuine people out there who care about real problems and doesn't give up on you until she feels you are in a good and healthy place." - J.34, Male

"I have spoken to so many social workers in my life. But you are the best. Thank you."

"There is something about you that makes you want to keep coming back. I never talk. To anyone. And to you, I talk, with you I feel and in your presence I heal. It is HOW you are with me that noone else has ever been."

"Dominika, what a pleasure yesterday, hearing your story, your past experiences, and reflections of your life! You have such a beautiful personality, and you, exuberant trust, and you have a way of making people feel safe. I am really looking forward to working with you."

"Thank you so much for listening. For once I actually felt connected and heard. The phone call today really helped me, I feel like I took a big step in being honest to someone about the things I am struggling with. I didn’t feel like I had to hold back anything. I hope to talk again soon, thanks."

"Upon working with Dominika, I had been struggling to build emotional security with other people, especially women.  This was because of emotionally unavailable parents growing up despite having my physical and material needs met.  Because of Dominika's help, I have been able to navigate my experiences much better in regards to finding a partner and understanding why I have struggled so much in this area of my life.  Not only did I discover my emotional handicap, I realize how important building emotional trust with women is.  I not only do I want to help myself from the discoveries I have made, but I also want to help others in being able to overcome these same challenges should they need help with it.  As 2023, there is a strong polarization happening between men and women, lots of unhappy households because of it.  It's saddening dynamic to see, but with right help and wisdom, we as a society can work restore more order again in this area of our lives.  Thanks Dominika for the authentic counseling you provide. You are not just another counselor that provides a smiling face and open ears, you also engage with your clients because you truly to want help people overcome the challenges they face and see them be victorious in their struggles." - A.36, Male


"I met Dominika for the first time a week ago. I was referred to her through my daughter. I felt comfortable right away upon meeting her... and was able to open up about many things that have tormented me a lot of my life. She was empathetic, and understanding. Had answers for my questions, and assurances that I can be helped....

I have renewed hope and am looking forward to my healing journey. She let me know there is work involved in recovery, and I pray that I'm able to do this!! So thankful for hope." - J. 61, Female

"My sons absolutely loved talking to/working with Dominika - I wouldn't trust anyone else!" - Mother 


"You brought me out of a dark space with one of your presentations."

"You are an excellent counsellor. Your perspective is very unique." 

"I have never felt so heard and seen in my life. I have been severely traumatized, dismissed and invalidated by so mamy counsellors and professionals. I have looked all over the city. This talk with you made me feel worthy and helped me understand that it was not my fault - I was a child"  F. 53


"Dominika has been helping me peel back the layers of my trauma, right back to my earliest memories. She's helped me understand how my upbringing affected my adult life. No one gets out of childhood unscathed! Dominika is attentive, actively listens and therefore asks pertinent questions. I've never seen her take notes but she remembers our last session. I feel safe discussing my story with Dominika and always leave feeling better. Also, the homework she gave me was helpful. 

I highly recommend her counseling for anyone struggling through life's difficult stages." 


"When I first started working with Dominika on my childhood trauma, I really had no idea where the revelations and healing would take me. More than six months later, my life has been completely transformed: I have a better relationship with my children than I've ever had, I feel a sense of gratitude in my life that I've never had before, my sense of self worth is 100-fold better, and in short I feel like a new person. Her understanding, her willingness to hear me and challenge my existing beliefs, and her ability to reach me at my level are what made all the difference. Thank you!" - P. 48

"Dominika is one of many counsellors I’ve seen but the ONLY one who made me feel recognized and heard . Seeking her help was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my mental health . Not only did she hear my story with attentive ears , she went above and beyond to make me feel supported. This woman's education shines through her words and observations, I strongly suggest seeking her advice when dealing with mental health issues. Much love."

"The moment I met Dominika I felt safe to be me. She has a comfort and warmth about her in her responses and her attentive presence while in conversation. Dominika brings a wealth of educational experience along with a wealth of personal lived experience which is surely why you can feel her empathy and find reassurance in her direction and strategy." - W. 34, female

"Dominika is a very attentive, emphatic woman who really hears me. I appreciate her honestly, kindness and experience. I believe peer support is an incredible resource for our city and province and I trust her knowledge and ability to be there for people and to involve other professionals if or when needed. Dominika  is a resource you shouldn’t pass up." - M. 52, female


“I was struggling, badly. On the floor. In a dark dark hole. A pit. And I needed help, badly but I didn’t know where to turn in the minefield of services and people out there. And so I posted into a group on Facebook and that’s when I was recommended to speak with Whole Hearts Matter and so I reached out, not knowing who or what it was but desperate for help and so I needed to take action before I took my own life in a moment of emotional torment and pain. 

And how glad I am that I reached out and connected with Dominika! The name is very fitting because Dominika engaged with me whole heartedly. We set up an initial video call and immediately I felt a rush of authenticity, understanding, care and kindness from her. Dominika listened actively, remembering everything that I had told her which I think is vital for someone who is struggling as it’s an indicator of how much the person is present and cares, you want to feel heard. Dominika kept her word and gifted me her time every single day until I was feeling stronger and my mindset and emotional state had changed. I have spoken with a fair few counsellors, therapists and coaches over the years and I can honestly say that Dominika is more knowledgeable, authentic, holistic and real with solid tangible suggestions and actions than anyone I have ever dealt with. She is an incredible woman with a huge heart, an amazing depth of knowledge and emotional intelligence that you just feel when engaging with her. Dominika literally saved my life and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling or needs support or guidance. I am so grateful and blessed to have met her” - K. 33, Male


"With Dominika, I'm safe, I'm seen, and I'm supported; like truly supported - for the unique being that I am, with the unique experiences I've had, and the unique ways that I will move forward in life. I love her, and respect her, and am forever grateful for the way she shows up in the world." - J. 34, Female


"Dominika was referred to me by a friend, who encouraged me to reach out to her. I took one look at her website and I knew instantly I needed to connect with her.  I am beyond grateful that I did. When we met, I was welcomed with such love and support. She is a ray of sunshine! She was validating of my feelings and situation. She offered amazing support and ideas to help me pull through a difficult season I am in. When we parted ways, I left smiling and excited for the next time we could meet. The saying "surround yourself around people who fill your bucket"  Well, Dominika is a bucket filler! She is amazing, I only met her once and I valued her presence so much. If you or someone you know needs some help, encouragement or support. Reach out to Dominika, you won't regret it!" - K. 34


"I am very grateful to have found Dominika. She is able to share her professional education skills along with the kind heart she as acquired through her own healing journey. This makes for a safe and comfortable feeling while processing my own path. Thank you for all that you do. Having the guidance and knowing that I am not alone has been a gift." - E. 30, Female


"Dear Dominika, I am so thankful for you and your wisdom. Your vulnerability and compassion melded with your clinical judgment and knowledge enable others like myself to feel very comfortable with you. You take care to listen to the other and take time to offer the appropriate response to empower people to help themselves. I am confident that you will continue to make an impact on many more who will come to you in the days ahead." - M. Female

"At my hardest time I ever had I finally had the courage to reach out to Dominika. That decision was the best idea I had. She helped me through the most horrible time I had. She listened to me like nobody did. She had hope that everything will be ok when I didn't. Dominika actually understood me which I thought was impossible. Thanks to her I opened up to the people I love and care about." -K. 12 female

"Dominika...I cannot thank you enough. Your are dedicated, reliable, available and compassionate. You have helped me through a very traumatic event by listening to my stories and validating my emotions. You have been there for me when I needed you, gave me strength when I had none left and were able make sense of my situation when I couldn’t decipher it myself. Your experiences in life are a key asset to understanding and connecting with others...thank you! You really put your whole heart into your work. Amazing!" -  Female 43

"Dominika was great on our first session, she really understood my problem and she gave positive feedback and listened to me which was refreshing. She’s one of the best out there, really appreciate her." - K. 26, Male


"Talking with Dominika provided me with the courage, support and guidance that I desperately needed. I really appreciate her honesty and positive energy. She is someone who allows you to be yourself, to be believed, and heard. I'm very grateful for her time and for getting to know her. She has such a pure heart and expresses love and joy around her. She is a great person to rely on and a great resource for guidance." - A. 20, Female


"I just wanna say Dominika is an amazing person inside and out. She has helped me feel and become more myself again as I was dealing with a lot of trauma and depression. She showed me compassion when no one else did. I’m so grateful to have someone as wonderful as her a part of my life now." - S.K. 21, Female


"I reached out to Dominika at a time when I felt so heavy and alone. Talking with Dom has changed my life in so many ways and given me the strength to see life in a different perspective. She makes you feel heard and understood in ways you only dream of. She has helped me to find the courage to show up for myself and take the steps that I deserve to take, because I am worthy of so. Her gentle and compassionate approach has helped me in many ways, Dominika is one of the warmest and most empathic people, my life has changed in many ways after speaking with her. I look forward to my calls with her. Her flexibility and understanding is so appreciated. Thank you for making me feel heard!" - Z. 22, Female


"Dominika is a wonderful human being guided by values and honesty. I am grateful for her listening ears, open arms and huge heart." - M. 52, Male

"Dominika is truly an experienced and compassionate individual willing to journey with others our of their hurt and pain and into a brighter future of independence and growth. Dominika's tenacity to grow emotionally and personally has shown a passion to be present for others in their moments of greatest need." - A. 37, Male


"I recently reached out to Dominika for help navigating some concerns with my ex's substance abuse around my child. She was kind and wise as we discussed my worries and I found it comforting to be "in good company" meaning not only did she have tools to share with me and suggestions on how to move forward in my child's best interest but she had also experienced much of the same things. It's helpful to have someone knowledgeable and experienced walk beside me." - A. 38, Female


"Dominika is calm and nice, and listens well." - L. 10, Male


"Please, don't ever stop phoning me. Having a weekly phone call makes such a difference; like finally all the heaviness is gone." - A. 64, Female


"I wait for your phone call every week. You are the only one who reaches out. Thank You!" - K., Female


"You never doubted my story." - E. 56, Female


"Thank you for helping me not be scared." - P. 8, Female


"Dominika has helped me and supported me in working through trauma and moving forward. She has a gift for listening and really hearing people where they are at." - N. 38, Female


"When I contacted Dominika for advice, I asked what I can change to better interact with someone I work with. She helped me clarify my responsibilities and boundaries, that I had control to change, versus the things I cannot change. I used this to implement changes that made the work environment more tolerable and productive. " - D., Male


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